Proper marking of shipments

Displaying the shipment labels clearly is important in ensuring that your shipment arrives to the destination in the condition that you wished for.

  1.  Each unit has to marked properly.
  2. Each unit has to contain following data:
    • Sender and address of sender
    • Receiver and address of receiver
    • Special handling label has to be placed on all sides of the packing unit and has to have also handling explanation with text (eg. This way up etc.)
    • Weight of unit
    • Parcel number
    • Unit dimensions
  3.  All data has to be marked with BIG CAPITAL LETTERS and with waterproof pen/pencil.
  4. Clear markings have to be seen on the sides and on top of the packing unit.
  5. Special handling labels and instructions have to be present on the packing units and also on the packing list/CMR or other documentation travelling with the shipments.
  • NB! Foxexpress OÜ is not liable in the case when packing is not suitable for selected mode of handling and transportation.